Scottish Higland Herds

Highlands are known as a hardy breed due to the rugged nature of their native Scottish Highlands, with high rainfall and strong winds. Their hair provides protection during the cold winters and their skill in browsing for food enables them to survive in steep mountain areas. They both graze and browse and eat plants which many other cattle avoid. The meat tends to be leaner than most beef because Highlands get most of their insulation from their thick shaggy hair rather than subcutaneous fat. The coat makes them a good breed for cold northern climates and they are able to thrive in outdoor conditions that would defeat most other breeds of domestic beef cattle.

Custom Beef
Our Highland herd is 100% grass fed. In the summer they are rotated through our pastures and in the winter they eat the hay from our hayfields. They receive no antibiotics or medications and are not grain finished. They do have access to a free choice trace mineral.

Steers are harvested when they are ~24mo. old and the meat is aged for ~10-14 days before it is cut and wrapped. The butcher works directly with the customer to customize the meat order according to the client’s specifications. Our beef is available in half, and quarter portions. A typical half a beef is 250-300 lb hanging weight.

All custom meats are processed through Silvana Meats.

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We sell our calves. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing a Highland calf.

Current memberships:
The Northwest Highland Cattle Association
The American Highland Cattle Association

"When you buy half a beef, it might seem like a big investment, but when you realize it's all the beef your family will need for the whole year, you understand the value"
-beef customer